Using a horse chesnut (conker) to make an Autumn cobweb

Have you found horse chesnuts (conkers) while out enjoying an Autumn walk? Do you know that you can make a beautiful spiders web using conkers?  You need some wool, the conker and an uneven number of saté sticks. Using these you can make a great Autumn decoration to hang up in the window. It is also fun to make in school with your classmates.

Here are more ideas for Autumn craftwork herfst knutsel ideeën.

How to make a cobweb using a conker:

Firstly find a really nice conker. You need to clean it so that it does not become mouldy too quickly. Dry conkers have a lovely natural sheen.

knutselen met kastanjes

Beautiful shiny conkers

Stick an uneven number of saté sticks into the conker. By using an uneven number (5 – 7 – 9) you will have a better pattern when you start to weave your wool through the sticks, using an even number does not work as well so take care! Make sure you press the sharp point of the saté stick right into the conker. Sometimes this can be difficult so you could use a pricking tool to first make a small hole in the conker.
kastanje spinnenweb

An uneven number of saté sticks in the conker

herfst kastanjes spinnenweb

A big, beautiful spider’s web.

Fasten one end of the wool to ine of the sticks and then weave the wool between and around the sticks. If you weave the wool tightly you will have a fine close structur. If you make a loose weave you will have a hanging effect with natural gaps and you will need less wool. If the wool does not stay in place on the end of the sticks then wind it once around each stick. The web will then stay in position. Look at the photos to see how the spider’s web will look like when finished. I am sure you will love the finished result!
kastanje spinnenweb knutselen

A beautifully woven spider’s web.

A tip for your spider’s web made from a conker:
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