Drying leaves

Using this leaf press you can easily dry leaves. Look at our page on herfst knutsel ideeën for more fun ideas for Autumn craftwork.

Drying leaves with your own home made leaf press:

Ask your mother or father if there is an old sheet of (waterproof) plywood in the garden shed and if there are any unused screws with wing nuts. You can also buy these things in a ‘do it yourself’ shop for very little money. The plywood needs to be sawn to an A4 paper format. You will need at least two planks, if you have more planks you can dry even more leaves at one time, make sure the screws are long enough for the number of planks you are going to use. Here below we have made a sketch of how to make your leaf press:

bladeren drogen

How to build your leaf press

Place the planks one on top of the other and drill a hole in each corner. Make sure the planks don’t move while you drill the holes, otherwise you wont be able to insert the screws through the planks.

Looking for Autumn leaves

Go out looking for  Autumn leaves. In September and October they are especially colourful! Look at what we found!

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Beautiful Autumn colours

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Make your own leaf press from wood

Place a sheet of baking paper onto a plank (this will prevent the leaves from sticking to the wood). Spread the leaves out onto the sheet of baking paper and when there is no more room cover them with another sheet of baking paper. You can place several planks, one on top of the other. You need to make sure that the screws are long enough to pass through all of the layers.

When you have finished place the last plank on the top and and tighten the wing nuts so that the planks fit together tightly. Look at the picutre to see how this should look.

bladeren drogen

The screws with wing nuts hold the planks together

Now you just have to wait. Leave the leaf press in a warm area, this will speed up the drying process but it will still take up to 2 to 3 weeks. From time to time you can check to see how dry the leaves are.

Once they are completely dry you can use them as decorations. Be careful, the leaves will be quite fragile.

We hope you have lots of fun drying leaves with your very own home made leaf press.

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