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LED downlight industry?
Led downlight industry, you understand? Characteristics of the Shenzhen LED lamp manufacturers Shenzhen mei'erte photoelectric Co. Ltd. LED lamp industry have for the vast number of consumers to do a simple analysis, led downlight industry has the following characteristics:
With a LED lamp skills promotion and development, skills development items to continue to strengthen, LED lamp industry is getting more and more attention, also shows a new development characteristics:
First, the industry to carry out a standardized, intensive characteristics
LED down light industry association over the years to actively promote the exchange of skills and items of standardization, technical standards, after goods goods skill testing trick useful skill items promoting industry standardization work. Standardization, regulate the industry level promoted drive, the accumulation effect of the industry structure performance, such as the Shenzhen region focused on the planning of the enterprise more. In recent years China LED lamp using the industry to carry out a major feature in the process of planning and enterprise is the number increased significantly, the number of secondary planning enterprise are decreasing, the number of enterprises also have added little planning. Industry generally from the "olive" to "dumbbell" change.
Second. The industry overall development at the planning level
The first item China LED lamp industry not only in China according to the absolute market, still in the global market also occupies the inevitable share, a constant export. Had the obvious promotion goods quality and reliability on the whole, LED downlight, use enterprise show excellent in serious projects and key project construction, in the international market competition, a large scale display system engineering to undertake the implementation of other aspects of significant progress in order to.
Third. Industry skills sharp, leading the innovation of science and technology on the development of the industry has played a positive and promoting effects
LED downlight using industry overall skill level is synchronized with the international development, innovation items from time to time come nearly two years, industry technology innovation and lively, goods can continue to strengthen skills development. Meet the demand of extraordinary use of skills development, technical support and guarantee to strengthen skills, key skills and mainstream items development more mature.
The characteristics of the above is the Shenzhen LED lamp manufacturers Shenzhen mei'erte photoelectric Co., Ltd. for you to explain LED downlight.
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