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The development trend of LED lighting drive
Drive technology development trend of LED lighting, you understand? Shenzhen LED lamp manufacturers Shenzhen mei'erte photoelectric Co., below the drive technology development trend of you to explain in detail the LED lighting:
The progress of science and technology change rapidly, science and technology to create the new life of human beings; in recent years, the global human consensus: the future associated with green environmental protection and energy saving industry prospect is bright; the LED lighting industry be the first to bear the brunt, will show infinite vitality, infinite mass market.
In 2009 the LED lighting industry is not affected by the global economic crisis, vigorously promoting Chinese government, China LED lighting industry is rapidly away heat,
In 2009 to become the first LED lighting, rapid growth and improve China LED lighting industry chain in this economic crisis, a new generation of LED lighting technology is developing rapidly, driven tens of millions of LED lighting industry chain enterprises thriving.
LED light source is a dazzling star, LED backlight can be made of every hue, the myriads of changes of lighting and lighting lamps, LED advertising screen, LED screen, mobile phone and MP3/MP4 and consumer electronics, computer and laptop display backlight display based on LCD-TV.
The normal work of LED light, cannot do without drive IC. The recent phase LED lighting drive technology development trend.
The basic structure of LED lamp:
The basic structure of LED lamp is the light source; LED + power + light metal / plastic components.
The brightness, color, LED light source life relates to LED lighting products; drive power LED lighting products involving electrical performance and stability, reliability, life; metal / plastic structure relates to LED lamp products radiation performance and other fashionable, and different applications.
LED light source with high efficiency and energy saving and carbon emission free:
LED light is a new generation of solid light source, LED light source as energy saving and environmental protection, energy saving, long life of the fourth generation of lighting lamps and A new force suddenly rises., popular, rapid development like a raging fire. LED light source as the fourth generation of new energy-saving light source is born is used as light source of various types of lamps.
As the incandescent light source of luminous efficiency is only five percent, and the luminous efficiency of LED light source is nearly ninety percent.
Characteristics of LED lighting with its high energy saving, long life, environment become widely concern you; this years LED high brightness light source because of its manufacturing technology make a spurt of progress, and the production cost and have steadily declined, now almost all the lamps can be used as a LED light source, high efficiency and energy saving, high brightness without
Lighting source of carbon emissions.
LED light source lighting need to drive IC;
DC LED source current is a low voltage (VF=2 → 3.6V), high current (IF=200 → 1500mA) semiconductor devices work, must provide a constant direct current to the appropriate normal luminescence. DC (DC) drive DC LED light source technology
The more and more mature, the power of our daily lighting is the use of high-voltage alternating current (AC100-220V), you must use a step-down technique to obtain lower voltage, is commonly used in switching power supply voltage, and then the alternating current (AC) transform into DC
(DC), and then the driving IC converted into DC constant current source to the LED light source. Application solution so DC drive LED light source is the inevitable: switching power supply, constant current source. LED lamp must have a certain space to accommodate the power supply mode
Block, but for lamps E27 standard screw, space is very limited, it is difficult to place. Both the switching power supply or other method step-down, loss of system will have a certain amount of DC, LED lamps in AC, DC conversion between about 8 ~
25% of the electricity consumed, the efficiency of the system is very difficult to do more than 90%. Therefore, to improve the conversion efficiency is always the target power chip and power supply manufacturer pursuit.
Common LED drive IC
At present the common LED drive IC is borrowed from the common power supply IC, really for the driver IC LED light source design is little, a lot of Companies in the design, there may be many expected to be in 2010. At present, LED drive
Low cost without security scheme is a method with a resistance capacitance step-down to achieve, such as the previous Christmas lighting; driving low cost can also use the CCR and LDO, they drive current is not large, CCR can only drive the 0.5W below the LED, such as 0.06W
Cap lamp, LDO stabilized method can drive 1W LED, but the LED light source life adversely; DC/DC, constant current source is probably one of the most ideal scheme known at present.
Common LED drive IC and its function table:
DC/DC constant current source driver IC
DC/DC constant current source driver IC is directly to the LED light source with constant DC power supply. Use the most is to do with the DC/DC-Buck step-down constant current source, step-down constant current source is from a big reservoir water, therefore constant current characteristics of stability, strong supply capacity
. Constant current source to do with the DC/DC-Boost boost type, like from the canal to carry water, the output voltage can be higher than the input voltage, such as the requirements for the output current is large to expand current.
LED light source is often cross, parallel application to expand the lamp, because the LED light source has discreteness, so multiple application of series parallel application than the more reasonable, can reduce the requirement of consistency of LED light source. Use DC/DC-Buck to
Do the step-down constant current source, the total voltage cannot be a plurality of LED light source series later need is greater than the input voltage DC/DC-Buck, such as low 2V is ideal, and the efficiency of the constant current source can be greater than 90%. This new generation of DC/DC-Buck constant current source IC
The major indexes can improve the quality, Vin=5-70V, even Vin=5-100V, this chip can achieve automotive electronic application base