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Determinants of LED light attenuation
LED lighting products is the signal attenuation in the transmission of light weakened, but in the present stage of global LED manufacturers who make LED products attenuation degree are different, high power LED equally decay, this is directly related to temperature, is mainly decided by the chip, phosphor and packaging technology. At present, the white LED market on the depreciation may be one of the first issues to civilian lighting into the. The LED light attenuation mainly has the following two major factors:
A, LED lighting product itself quality problems:
1, the LED grain constitution is not good, luminance attenuation.
2, the production process defects, LED grain cooling not good from PIN derived LED feet, leading to high temperature chip attenuation increased grain.
Question two, conditions of use:
1, LED is the constant current driving, driving caused LED attenuation over the voltage LED.
2, the driving current higher than the rated driving conditions.
In fact, there are many reasons leading to decay of LED lighting products, the key is still hot, although many manufacturers in the secondary products do not pay special attention to the heat problem, but the long-term use of these secondary LED products, light attenuation degree would be higher than with a focus on cooling LED products. The thermal resistance of LED grain itself, silver glue effect, substrate effect of radiation, and colloid and gold also with attenuation relationship.
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