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LED energy saving lamp
What is the LED energy saving lamp? Basic knowledge of professional LED energy-saving lamp manufacturer Shenzhen mei'erte photoelectric Co., Ltd. share LED energy saving lamp for your.
To break the traditional design methods and ideas of light source design theory of LED, there are two kinds of the latest design concepts;
The 1 scene lighting: is the environment needs to design the lamp. Scene lighting in place as a starting point, to create a beautiful, brilliant light environment, to contrast the scene effect, make people feel the scene atmosphere.
2 mood lighting: is based on people's needs to design the lamp. Mood lighting is a human emotion as the starting point, from the perspective of people to create an artistic conception like light environment. Mood lighting includes four aspects: one is the environmental protection and energy saving, two healthy, three is intelligent, four is the human nature.
Introduction of LED reflection type self ballasted lamp LED (COB module)
LED energy saving lamp is the compact fluorescent lamp (namely the ordinary energy-saving lamps) a new generation of lighting source after the. Compared with the ordinary energy-saving lamps, LED energy saving lamp protection does not contain mercury, Recyclable reuse, low power, high luminous efficiency, long life, which means that the bright, high frequent switch,
Light a small decline, rich colors, adjustable light, rich change. Extensive use of ordinary energy-saving lamps, will cause the mercury pollution, pollution of soil water, thereby polluting food indirectly, environmental hazards can not be.
LED classification of LED energy saving lamp variety, the market is composed of three classes:
A kind of: LED energy-saving lamps made of straw hat type small power LED, power supply adopts a resistance capacitance step-down circuit. Package hat type LED extended indicator LED, epoxy resin package, which the LED chip can not to radiate heat, light and serious, a lot of white light
LED, after a period of use, the color temperature becomes higher, gradually into the blue side, become dim. Also has the hat type LED manufacturers are committed to the development of low light decay, but because there is no change package, light still did not change much, this type of LED energy-saving lamps products, as a transitional product, the price is low, quality is poor.
5050 SMD LED energy saving lamp
Two categories: LED energy saving lamp is made of 3528 or 5050 patch medium power LED, power is also commonly used by a resistance capacitance step-down circuit, some manufacturers use a constant current circuit, compared with straw hat type LED, SMD LED cooling slightly better, with heat conducting substrate, in conjunction with aluminum
Substrate, a portion of heat. But because still ignore the LED heat, a lot of power chip LED energy saving lamp, no radiator, still use plastic shell, light is still serious. Use a resistance capacitance step-down low-end power, because the grid voltage
Instability, current fluctuations, brightness fluctuations, moderate price, quality slightly better LED high-power energy-saving lamps
Three categories: LED energy saving lamp is made of high power LED power supply commonly used patch, constant current isolation circuit, which has a constant current, such as 5W LED, usually with 5 1 watt LED chip, serial, powered by the current source of constant current of 300mA, wide
Voltage power supply, the fluctuation of the power grid, the current has not changed, the luminous flux is maintained constant brightness, 5 piece LED is welded on the aluminum substrate, aluminum plate combined on the radiator, the use of heat can be quickly dispersed, to ensure the temperature of LED chip
Below the LED allows the junction temperature, so as to ensure the effective life of LED energy saving lamp. This kind of LED lamp price is high, quality is good, it is the development direction of LED energy-saving lamp.
A good LED energy saving lamp, should be composed of four parts: LED chip quality, constant current power supply, the lamp power suitable radiator, light diffusion effect of soft does not see the point light source lamp.
It is an important part of LED chip: LED chip is good, high light efficiency, low temperature rise, high color rendering index, high temperature, anti electrostatic.
Heat dissipation is very important: if blindly emphasizes LED cold light source, need not heat, it is completely wrong, before has not developed LED chip real low fever, LED without quality radiator, then its life may also far less than the current general
Through energy saving lamp! Because the initial flux decay to 70%, has marked the end of LED energy saving lamp life.
The power supply is very important: whether the with high temperature and humidity, whether had high voltage safety (UL), whether had the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC/EMI), are also more rigid index, also determines the real life of LED energy saving lamp, cask effect, power may be
Is a short board of LED energy-saving lamp.
The lampshade is critical: the lampshade is two times the light distribution, LED energy saving lamp current, there is no shade, transparent lampshade, a matte shade, have white shade, a light diffusing lampshade several. Without shade and a transparent lampshade, no two times with the light, see LED,
Multi LED multi light source, direct glare, and virtual object irradiation. Frosted lamp lit to see LED light source, objects are part of a virtual. Opal lamp light invisible to LED light source but the transmittance is low. LED high-quality energy-saving lamps, generally uses the light diffusing material
Material, reach the lampshade in the LED light, the light spread, after lighting the invisible light source of LED, LED energy saving lamp becomes a big light source, illuminating object without deficiency, and light diffusion type lampshade common light transmission rate in 80% above, good effect.
Characteristics: 1, high efficiency and energy saving in the same brightness, LED energy saving lamp 3W 333 hour consumption of 1 kwh, while the ordinary 60W incandescent lamp 17 hour consumption of 1 kwh, ordinary 5W energy-saving lamps 200 hours 1 kwh of electricity consumption.
2, long life: the semiconductor chip emitting, no filament, no bubble, shock resistance, not easy to break, the service life of up to fifty thousand hours (common incandescent lamp life of only one thousand hours, the general energy-saving lamp life of only eight thousand hours)
3 health: health, light rays in the ultraviolet and infrared radiation produced less, less (ordinary light