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Development prospect of LED lamp dimming skills
With the LED technology matures, LED lighting technology has become the mainstream of. Now LED lighting standards and regulations have been worked out. The strict efficiency requirements has existed for a long time, and will continue to grow. But recently, LED lighting designers work is more difficult, because of the need to meet two requirements: incandescent lamp dimmer dimming control to achieve, and the realization of the dimming performance of high power factor LED, current analog dimming and PLEDzatemneniemdelenie details are as follows.
With the LED application market will continue rapid growth, increasing of LED product range, increased demand for high-end products on the LED brightness control function is also very necessary. For example, attended the meeting, LED lamp and the display should pay attention to the link.
Light is a very common functional lighting system. For the incandescent lamp, it can be easily realized with low cost. LED lamp dimming has the certain difficulty, but for architects and residential users, to LED lighting in the conversion can be willing to lose the dimming control its advantages. This involves many related knowledge of LED lighting.
Power factor is a very important factor, because the loss of high power factor can reduce the distribution network. The most effective way to reduce the power of impact on the environment is to reduce waste, so regulators around the world are further tightening their power factor regulation. One example is the energy star solid-state lighting energy efficiency standards (09/12/07), it provides power factor of residential lighting products (PF) should be greater than 0.7, the power factor of commercial lighting products (PF) should be greater than 0.9.
LED lamp dimming method of the main, there are three common, this three kinds of dimming skills are to adjust light according to the change of the LED drive current input. According to different circuit system also can be divided into imitation dimming and PWM dimming.
The first: dimming the light modulation method for driving current through the modulation of LED to complete the LED lamp, the brightness of LED chip LED drive current into a certain proportion, so we adjust the LED drive current control LED lamp can light and shade.
Second: the dimming method called pulse width modulation (PWM). This kind of method is adjusted to make the drive current is a square wave, the variable pulse width of the pulse width modulation, through the transition for the modulation of LED lamps for light time, also changes the input power, so as to achieve energy saving, adjustable light target. Frequency around 200Hz~10KHz as usual; because the human eye visual lag, will not feel the flare light source in the light of. The dimming method is good heat dissipation performance can improve LED, defect is driving current overshoot on the LED chip's life must have certain influence China town of lamps "lamp enterprises in Yuyao rely on the local industrial advantages, we should make full use of the" energy saving and environmental protection "feature, called" high energy "brand in the product design and development in the continuous application of new energy-saving, environmental protection technology development to meet market demand. According to statistics, in April this year Yuyao exports of energy-saving lamps 2230 batch, the value of $50060000, a year-on-year growth of 32.5% and 18.4% respectively,....,....
Third: this method is called the advantages of power outage or imitate power line metod.Vid dimming method is that when the driving current linear growth or decline, to reduce emissions in the process of driving current LED chip life, coloring scheme strong anti nepriyatnost.Nedostatkom changes the size of the disk is the current process, of course, to a certain extent in LED chip the color temperature.
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