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The development of LED lighting to indoor lighting products technical requirements
LED lighting optical design, compared with the traditional lamp, directional and point lights is the key points of the LED the most typical characteristics and lighting optical design. By two yuan LED optical design, the light distribution curve of LED lamp can achieve better. As the indoor lighting applications market LED lighting development maximum light is bright, you can use the high transmittance shade increase light extraction efficiency. Or will the guide plate technology to the lamp, which will change the LED point light source into surface light source, not only can improve the lamp light distribution uniformity, but also can prevent glare. Also can achieve optical effect ideal with the concentration effect of some condensing lens or reflector used to highlight the illuminated objects.
Technical challenges of high power LED lighting, even though the LED has focus in indoor lighting and decorative lighting applications in satisfactory performance, but still faces many challenges in general lighting and atmosphere lighting applications, including initial cost, color temperature low luminous efficiency, color rendering index and system reliability. Cost is a factor of indoor lighting is relatively sensitive, especially in Home Furnishing lighting applications. Although the LED lamp model more and more, light efficiency is improving, but the high price of this problem still exists. But when LED light source to lower prices, to optimize the design of the whole system, the total cost will decline.
4000K LED lamp light effect to improve the low temperature is below the low color temperature is usually Home Furnishing preferred indoor lighting. Warm white light to make the environment more warm and relaxed; and the cold white light it gives people a clean, efficient, bright feeling, is suitable for office and outdoor lighting. LED lamp and prolong the service life, improve system reliability. In general lighting applications, the overall efficiency of the LED, the service life and reliability of the system must be improved through optimizing ability. LED light source: compact, high efficiency, a variety of colors and the output power of choice. Power conversion: AC, batteries and other power efficient conversion of low voltage, constant current power supply for safety. Control and drive: constant current drive and control of LED using electronic circuit. Thermal management: to achieve a longer life, LED node temperature control is very important, thermal analysis is indispensable. Optical elements: lens, reflector or a light guide plate material is focus light into the optical target area required.
With the rapid development of LED technology and the LED light gradually increased, LED lighting applications will be more and more widely; especially with the global energy shortage problem is becoming more and more serious, more and more people pay close attention to the development prospect of LED in the lighting market, LED will be to replace the incandescent lamp, tungsten filament lamps and fluorescent lamps potential source. In addition, in the aspect of interior lighting design, LED will tend to energy-saving, humanity and art.
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