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LED mining lamp types and advantages?
LED mining lamp types and you understand? Shenzhen LED lamp manufacturers Shenzhen mei'erte photoelectric Co., Ltd. below what types and advantages of you to explain in detail the LED mining lamp:
At present, LED mining lamp types are: 10WLED mining lamp 20WLED lamp 30WLED lamp 50WLED lamp 60WLED lamp 70WLED lamp 80WLED lamp 90WLED lamp 100WLED lamp 120WLED lamp 150WLED lamp 200WLED lamp 220WLED lamp 250WLED lamp 300WLED lamp 400WLED lamp 500WLED lamp
Mining lamp in lighting function can be divided into general lighting and local lighting two. General lighting usually arranged evenly on the top or side wall on the work site, the whole face lighting, fluorescent lamps require the use of larger power incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, high intensity discharge lamp or a large number of. Most of the mining lamp are such. General lighting distribution of light have higher requirements, light distribution widely used direct lighting type and semi direct lighting type two kinds, especially the latter. A semi direct lighting type of light illuminates the ceiling to a ceiling, can increase brightness, to create a more comfortable, more bright environment. Local lighting is a method to improve the illumination of a work site. Its role can be strengthened, the supplementary lighting in general lighting, also can be in some don't usually places of lighting required (such as equipment maintenance, maintenance place) as a temporary lighting. Most no strict rules on their light distribution. Local lighting is usually installed in the work area, to use the safety extra low voltage (≤ 50V, AC RMS) incandescent lamps, halogen tungsten lamp as light source. Have (portable) lamp, pendant lamp, table lamp, working lamp work. In some large workshop, and sometimes also used for local lighting lamp.
Mining lamp as light source can be divided into the traditional light source lamp (such as sodium industrial and mining lamp, mercury lamp industry and mining lamp) and LED mining lamp. Compared to the traditional mining lamp LED lamp has great advantage:
A.LED mining lamp color rendering index RA>70
B. traditional light source has the disadvantages of high temperature of lamps, lamp temperature can reach 200-300 degrees. And LED itself is a cold light source, the lamp temperature is low, more secure.
C. LED mining lamp has high efficiency, energy saving, equivalent to the 100W LED mining lamp can replace traditional 250W traditional mining lamp.
D. LED mining lamp in the constant innovation, radiator fin radiator new mining lamp more reasonable, greatly reducing the weight of the lamp, so that the overall weight of the 80W LED mining lamp falls below 4KG, and can perfectly solve the problem of radiation 80-300W LED mining lamp.
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