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Led lighting the future design direction
LED lighting design in the future direction, you understand? Shenzhen LED lamp manufacturers Shenzhen mei'erte photoelectric Co., Ltd. below for you to explain in detail the LED lighting the future design direction:
The light source is an important factor affecting the human color perception, and LED light source color is an important parameter to consider lighting in psychology. Thus, the pleasant color temperature and color of lighting design is an important part of the indispensable, generally easy to light, fast response speed and small size of LED integrated light source will be the source of future green environmental protection and energy saving, but LED lamps must jump out of the traditional lighting pattern, to obtain the reasonable design. The future, the market needs more and more humanized lighting, color temperature will become the future development trend of lamps and lanterns.
LED lighting design is the future direction of the fight
LED lighting design is the future direction of the fight, in the outward appearance design, lamp symmetry is the main trend of the future.
At present, the LCD panel to enter the field of lighting blind spot is the luminance and illuminance control failures. The lamp light distribution largely determines the degree of light pollution, lamps must be installed correctly can play the best role, otherwise it will directly kill the life of lamps.
At present main task is not to make the China LED lighting product performance and safety, but need to interface compatibility and interchangeability of electrical specification, implementation of modular, alternative and standardized, can replace and standard parts is to reduce the cost of hope.
In general, the future of LED lighting production enterprises should be the direction of our efforts is: a correct understanding of LED illumination, brightness guide, provide reasonable light distribution curve, reduce glare, improve the diversification of color and color temperature, LED integrated modular, standardization and standardization, the design direction by light using the unit to lead lamps and lanterns, new style jump out of the traditional pattern and a LED lamp.
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