A football style neck tie for Father’s day

Is it that time again? European of World championshiop football matches? Or perhaps your father is just a real football fan? Then this neck tie with a football theme is the ideal gift to make for Father’s day. Your Father can wear the neck tie you have made for himwhen he goes to watch a football match. Click here for more ideas for Father’s day Vaderdag knutsel ideeën.

How to make a neck tie with a football theme:

  • Take the cardboard centre of a loo (toilet) roll and roll coloured paper around it, eventually using glue or sticky tape to hold it in place. If you are a Dutch football supporter then you will of course chose the colour orange. Cut out the shape of your tie from cardboard paper of the same colour. Glue the top of the tie to the cardboard loo roll
  • Pass a long piece of elastic through the cardboard roll. This elastic goes around your father’s neck so tie the ends firmly together. He can now easily put his tie on. He will certainly want to wear his neck tie when he goes to a football match because it is certain to bring good luck!
  • You do not have to decorate the tie with a football but if your father is a real football fan then he will appreciate it if you take the trouble to cut out a paper circle and draw a football on it. On the back of the football you can write a little poem as you can see on the photo and you will find it at the end of this article.
  • Finally use ribbon or tape to attach the football to the neck tie.
vaderdag voetbal

A neck tie with a football theme

vaderdag voetbal

write a short poem on the back of the football

vaderdag voetbal

a neck tie with a football


A poem for Father’s day:

-Daddy you are the best
-Better than all the rest
-For Father’s day a hundred million birthday wishes
-And lots and lots of birthday kisses

Happy Father’s day!

TIP: You don’t, of course, have to use a football theme. You can use your imagination and add planes or trains or whatever you want.



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