Proud as a peacock on Father’s day

Of course you are proud of your Father and what better way of showing it than with this proud peacock made for Father’s day. Click here for more fun ideas for Father’s day  Vaderdag knutsel ideeën. The children will be kept busy folding the paper. The feathers are not so difficult but you may have to help with making the body.

How to make this proud peacock, a gift for Father’s day:

  • To make the feathers you need several sheets of different coloured paper that folds easily. Cut the paper at a right angle then fold it. Fold the paper in the form of an arrow with a wide and a narrow side. Have a good look at the photos to see how to do this, it is quite easy. Make one or two feathers to show the children how to do it.
  • You need at least 6 sheets of paper to make the tail feathers but you can of course make more. Once you have enough feathers you can make the bird’s body.
  • To make the body you fold the paper in a similar way but you use a square sheet of paper. Look at the photo to see how to make the folds, it is easier than you think.
  • Now set everything out onto a sheet of coloured paper, make sure to spread out the tail feathers. When you are pleased with the result glue the feathers in place. You could if you wanted to, staple the feathers into place.
  • Place the bird’s body over the feathers and then glue it into position. To finish your peacock glue on a googly eye and cut out the shape of the feet and legs from a piece of paper.
  • Write a poem for your father using ‘Proud as a Peacock’ as the theme of your poem.
vaderdag pauw

setting out the feathers

vaderdag pauw

You can staple them into position

vaderdag pauw

Proud as a peacock

TIP: You could of course make this proud peacock for someone special of whom you are especially proud. How better to let them see how you feel than by making this proud peacock for them.





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