A beautiful folded butterfly from magazine pages

Don’t throw your old magazines away, you can use the magazine pages to make this beautiful folded butterfly. You will need two A4 size pages to make your butterfly. This pretty butterfly fits nicely into a summer theme especially when you see them flying around in the garden. This craft work  is suitable for little children to make.

Do you want to make this pretty folded butterfly? This is how to do it:

  • Carefully tear or cut out two pages from a magazine and fold them up, harmonica style. fold one page lengthwise and the other sideways. Look at the photos below to see an example.
  • Now glue the long side to the short side. The long side will form the upper part of the wings and the short side will form the lower part of the butterfly wings.
  • When the glue is dry then carefully open up the wings, so that your butterfly emerges.
  • Carefully cut the upper wings into a round shape. Cut out little strips at first to see what your folded butterfly will look like. You can keep cutting until you are happy with your butterfly shape.
  • Tie a piece of string or ribbon around the middle  of your butterfly so that you can hang it up. Get the children to make lots and lots of colourful butterflies to decorate the classroom.

Keep your butterfly with other spring or summer craft work.

folded butterfly

Fold the pages harmonica style

folded butterfly

Glue the two pages together

folded butterfly

Place your butterfly on a folwer

folded butterfly

An old magazine becomes a beautiful butterfly

Craft work tip: Use colourful paper to make the butterflies. Make lots of butterflies using different  colours, they will look so pretty hanging up in front of a window. Hang several butterflies on the same piece of string for a special effect.

Do you want to attract real butterflies into your garden? Put slices of lemon and orange in a small dish, cover with sugar water and place the dish outside. During the summer the butterflies will enjoy feeding from this, using their long  curly tongue. You will enjoy watching them feed. Of course you must not try to catch them, just enjoy watching them!




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