Making your own Autumn spider

Now that Autumn is well underway and the (big, fat) spiders are on the move, it is time to give the class an Autumn craftwork theme to work on. Making this Autumn spider is just one  idea, visit our page herfst knutsel ideeën for even more fun things to do during Autumn. Don’t forget to share this message via the share buttons at the bottom of this page.

Do you want to make this Autumn spider? This is how to do it:

The first thing to do is to find some small stones or pebbles. You could go for a walk in the woods to search for suitable pebbles. You can also visit the local garden centre. When it is for a school project or a good cause  they will often give 20 or so pebbles for free. The pebbles should be slightly flat and not too small so that there is room to stick the legs on underneath.

Give the stones a good wash and then use  gouache to paint them black, or another colour if you prefer. Allow the paint to dry well.

keitjes verven

Different coloured paiinted pebbles

Take four fairly long pieces of pipe cleaner and bind them together via a central point so that you form a star shape with eight rays. These will form the spider’s hairy legs. Use hobby glue or dubble sided tape to fasten the ‘legs’ to the underside of the stone.  You can also cover the stone with a small piece of black felt. It gives the spider a hairy tummy and hides the place where you have glued on the legs. This also gives the spider more stability. To give a really fun effect you can bend the spider’s legs in all different directions.

spin knutselen

Bending the legs

Poten van spin knutselen

The legs are clearly visible

Cut out a cross from a piece of cardboard and glue this to the spider’s back. Your can use double sided tape for this, it will give your spider a 3D effect.

Kruisspin knutselen

The spider’s back decorated with a cross

As a finishing touch glue several googly eyes to your spider, spiders often have several eyes.

Spinnen oogjes knutselen

Close up of the spider’s eyes.

TIP Autumn spider craftwork:

Draw a web onto a sheet of A4 paper and use a needle, threaded with wool, to follow the lines of the web. Now just fix your spider onto it’s web.

Spinneweb knutselen herfst

A pretty Craftwork spider’s web

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