Making your own Olympic torch

You can easily make an Olympic torch using coloured cardboard and doing some basic cutting and pasting. You can add this torch to any Olympic craftwork collection. This Olympic flame accompanies both summer and winter Olympic games.

You want to make an Olympic torch ?

  • First make sure you have several sheets of coloured carboard paper to hand. We chose grey for the torch handle and yellow for the flame
  • To make the torch, roll up the darker coloured carboard so that it forms a point. Make sure you don’t close it completely, leave a V shaped opening to allow the flame to be seen.
  • Cut your flame out from the yellow and orange carboard sheets  Use a pencil to draw the shape of the flame, then lay several sheets of carboard paper on top of each other. In this way you cut out lots of flame shapes in one go.
  • Glue or staple several flame shapes together. It is quicker to staple them together.
  • Then all you have to do is to glue or fix the ‘flames’ to the inside of the torch.


make an Olympic torchmake an Olympic torchmake an Olympic torch

Craftwork TIP: You can glue pieces of confetti or curls of paper around the edges of the flames to add an extra special effect, making it look as though the flame is dancing in the wind.



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